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So you know you are in the market to buy or sell.  Let's boogie.


So you are a buyer and you know it!  Here's how I propose we get you into the home that you've been envisioning.


We'll start with an initial consultation to clarify goals and outline our purchase strategy.  Once I gather your data, I'll start looking!  This process includes previewing properties for you, checking out what's on caravan, and even knocking on doors.  For example, if you want to live on a particular street, I'll write to everyone on that street to find out if they are itching to move.



If you are a first time buyer, check out RE 101 for First Time Buyers.  









Selling your home isn't rocket science or a major movie production, but it can often feel like BOTH.   I have a detailed approach to selling homes.


Here's how we can get the ball rolling.  First, you'll call me and we'll schedule a quick walk through of your home.  Following the walk through, we can have our listing appointment.  We'll discuss the marketing, pricing, and presentation of your home as well as your personal needs.


Please do not sell your home without contacting me.

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